In the home, outdoors, when travelling for work or leisure – for more than a century, we have offered the word the specific relationship with things so central to the Italian identity, facilitating everyday life, fostering relationships with people, improving the way they relate to food: in other words, making experiences happen.

Well made objects and tools for conserving, preparing, serving and transporting food enhance people’s freedom, enabling them to plan where they want to go. To live places, meetings and moments, whether planned or chance, to the full.
This is where our objects belong, in everyone’s personal stories. Their environment is the space between people and their need to grow, experiment and socialize.

Our products are your carefree companions, colouring, decorating and functioning, happy to serve you. Beauty and design must not be abstractions and the mere ornamentation of life; they must be truly, genuinely usable, tailored to your needs and, of course, attractive and a pleasure to use. This is achieved through multidisciplinary research, scientific investigation and practical design. Not to mention a profound love of the lives we may live.