Alashan Cashmere

The feel, warmth and beauty of cashmere is unrivaled. Very few fibers can elicit such emotion and excitement. This is what lured me into the industry over 25 years ago and what keeps me going.

 The name Alashan honors the area in western Inner Mongolia that is home to the world’s finest cashmere. Goats thrive in this harsh region that has the perfect combination of geography, climate and diet to produce superior cashmere – long, fine, white fiber that embrace vibrant dyes and can be spun into the finest of yarns.


My love of family and cashmere are the foundation of my company. Over the years I have introduced product lines, each with their own unique designs and personality. These lines are named after my children: Claudia Nichole, Caroline Grace and Douglas Anthony. This is a constant reminder to me to love what I do, and to always remember who I do it for.

Building these product lines within the Alashan brand allows us to deliver cashmere classics that our customers know and love, while seasonally introducing new, exciting trends.