Rosendahl Designs

As a multi brand house Rosendahl Design Group brings together iconic Danish brands, designed for the wear and tear of everyday life and the charm of life’s special occasions. Featuring both timeless masterpieces and modern classics, our portfolio of brands honor the Danish design tradition making quality design available to everyone, enabling it to be passed on through generations.



Rosendahl Design Group is home to a unique portfolio of eight iconic brands that millions of people use and treasure every day. As one of Denmark’s leading and most influential design houses with activities across the globe, our goal is to rediscover classics and advance new, sustainable designs, distributing them throughout Scandinavia and other markets.


For two generations now, the Rosendahl family has preserved, developed and brought to market Danish design icons enabling everyone to decorate their homes with high-quality design created in close collaboration with leading designers.

At Rosendahl, we actively promote responsibility throughout our entire business, which is why it’s also important for us that our products are produced in an appropriate way – both for you and the environment. We take pride in producing our products to the highest possible environmental and ethical standards. Therefore, as documentation, we can present a number of certificates from ethical labelling schemes. Read more about them here.