Mackenzie-Childs Glow Home Apothecary

About a year ago, we introduced MacKenzie-Childs Glow Home Apothecary. The collection, which defines the essence of home with fresh and inviting scents, represents our point of view on fragrance, says Rebecca Proctor, our creative director and chief brand officer.

Says Rebecca, “Each product invites you to explore a sophisticated palette that will infuse your home and enhance the way you live.”

MacKenzie-Childs Glow Home Apothecary products fall into two categories—personal care and home fragrance—and they do vary somewhat by scent.

Personal care includes hand wash, hand lotion, and bar soap.  Many of these products include an accompanying soap dish or caddy, making them easy to display and use.

Home fragrance includes a broader range of items and some truly unique options. Let’s start with our room diffusers, which use a beautiful fabric flower to absorb the fragrance from a frosted checked glass vase-type vessel and disperse it in the room.

Another option that also adds glowing ambience are the 8-ounce and 21-ounce candles. A blend of high-quality palm wax and paraffin, these candles burn up to 50 and 66 hours, respectively. They’re in glass vessels decorated with checks and have accompanying brushed gold metal lids to preserve the scent when they’re not burning. When the candles are gone, you can reuse the container to hold jewelry or trinkets on the dressing table or paper clips and thumbtacks in the home office.

You could also display a bowl of Glow Home Apothecary potpourri, which are beautiful and colorful blends of fragrance-infused dried everlastings that include fruits, assorted greens, including eucalyptus and magnolia leaves, frosted pine cones, and more.

Want to add fragrance more subtly? There are also scented tassels and discs, which can hang in a closet or be placed in a drawer. You could hang the tassel, which features a swishy threaded skirt, from your handbag to make a scented statement of style.

Finally, all Glow Home Apothecary products are elegantly packaged, so if you’re starting to compile your holiday gift list, remember that they make ideal presents. Plus, they’re perfect for a little self-care. So go ahead and treat yourself, too.