The stories LINNEA® produce have a vibrancy and exoticism that encourage people to take part, almost transporting them to a different time and place. As part of the experience, LINNEA® fragrances are mementos that leave behind aromatic clues, hinting at an intriguing tale and serve as sensual triggers to stimulate the imagination – actively engaging person, memory, and experience to fill in the gaps to the story.

Having grown up in a multigenerational home, the value of heritage was ingrained into nearly every aspect of daily life – from tending the bountiful vegetable and flower gardens to cooking traditional family recipes from scratch. These lessons, coupled with her strong and nurturing upbringing, shaped Laura into the woman she is today. This emphasis on quality, integrity, and social consciousness serve as the pillars of the company, which Laura created alongside her mother, and has now made its way into her own brand: LINNEA®.

Thus, in 2009, Linnea’s Lights® was born – a name my mother chose as an homage to our Swedish roots, the five generations of the LINNEA® name in our family, and the strong women who came before us. I decided to join forces with my mother to elevate the packaging and create a beautiful candle experience in the market that was mindful of materials, thoughtful in the details and created pure joy in one’s environment. My experience, coupled with my mother’s artisan talents formed a great partnership, and in 2009, Linnea’s Lights® successfully launched.

LINNEA’s® story is one of heritage, passion, and integrity. From their fragrance oils and domestically grown soy wax to their locally-sourced packaging materials, all products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and feature only the highest quality of ingredients free from harsh chemicals, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens , and phthalates LINNEA’s® essence embodies four successive generations of inspiring women that have culminated into a shared vision that treads lightly with respect for the past, present, and future.