Etu Home

Our story

etúHOME was founded on the belief that the utilitarian pieces used to prepare, serve and store food in, matter. Our collections reflect this lifestyle, inspired by classically rooted European designs, time honored techniques and honest materials you can trust.

At etúHOME, this primarily means preventing the depletion of natural resources. Our sourcing efforts are truly the heart and soul of the company. We utilize 19th century timber, recycled glass and sustainably harvested beams to craft our products. As buildings in and around Budapest fall into demolition, we are able to salvage the beams used to support them. We find beauty in extending resources and giving materials a second life. Additionally, our thoughts go beyond the materials we utilize. We believe sustainability should extend beyond the product’s core materials all the way to the factory where the product is made; ensuring a safe environment, a fair living wage, and the contribution to a prosperous and healthy community. At etúHOME we call this Modern Sustainability, and it feels good. 

At our factory in Hungary, the people are the true standouts. They have a deep commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. It is a true pleasure to watch as things be made, as each craftsperson creates a unique product with pride. Sustainability goes further than just the materials we use as our people embrace and apply the practice into their own private lives. Many commute by bicycle or ride share each day to get to work, knowing that adopting small eco conscious habits can make a huge impact. 

A Thorough, Precise and Sustainable Process

Salvaged wood of all kinds arrives to the factory in truckloads for cleaning. We first ensure all hardware and nails are removed, carefully inspecting each piece entirely. This is one of the most thrilling phases in our process, as you can literally see these 19th century buildings come to life.

The following phases are incredibly technical and call for highly trained machine operators. The reclaimed beams are measured and cut specifically to fit in our state of the art machinery that clean and slice the wood into thin planks. We then take these newly cleaned wood planks and fuse them together through a heat-based process. After we have created large boards, another specialist oversees the cutting of the boards into the specific products that are slated for production that day. Our carpenters are skillfully trained in ensuring minimal waste during this process.

Each item is sanded by hand, guaranteeing the perfect finish while remaining true to the beauty of the wood grain. We use a customized blend of wax and oil give the wood a beautiful ‘already used’ look. Because of their hand-finished nature, our products will only get better looking with time and use.